Sergio Lopez

Contemporary nude figures paintings by North Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) based artist Sergio Lopez, who specializes in plein air and innovative figure paintings.

Josh Keyes

Inspired by 18th and 19th-century aesthetics and philosophy, Josh Keyes paints animals in a style reminiscent of anatomical diagrams. His work is characterized by an attention to detail and to physiological accuracy. Keyes, however, does not place his animal subjects in their natural settings; rather, they are often in peril, displaced from their natural ecosystems into dioramic fantastical situations. These landscapes are frequently isolated and contain an incompatible mix of the natural and manmade. Keyes acknowledges that themes of migration and displacement frequently feature into his work as a form of his preoccupation with global climate change and the human impact on nature. — quote from Josh’s website.

Erik Olson

Erik Olson — artist based in Canada. Quote from Erik’s interview for “thefoxisblack”:

I’m a painter. Everything I do is in some way related to slopping colored pigment around with a brush. There’s quite a range in my work but in one way or another, I think of the paintings as being about portraiture, about constructing identity. Although there isn’t a clear narrative in each painting, I pull everything from my life, so in a real sense there is an autobiographical element running through the paintings.