Akino Kondoh

Akino Kondoh — artist from NewYork (born in Japan), her work spans various media —animation, manga, drawing, painting.

Skip Dolphin Hursh

Skip is a Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Artist, and Thing-Maker from the midwestern USA, currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Tim Lahan

Tim Lahan — New York-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer


Colorful artworks by Revok from Uphill Both Ways exhibition in New York

Jonathan Levine Gallery

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani — artist from New York.

I walk until I find a space that catches my eye. If the space isn’t conducive to having tape directly on it, I’ll go back to the studio and make a freestanding version of the design by taping onto a corrugated board and then cutting it out. Problem solving a piece into a specific location becomes a fun challenge, and I find satisfaction in having a dialogue with the environment and people in it.

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