Amelie Petit Moreau

DIgital experiments with linocuts by Amelie Petit Moreau

Alexis Pazoumian

Alexis Pazoumian — photographer based in Paris

Nicolas Evariste

Dark zoo project by France-based photographer Nicolas Evariste

Vertical Horizon

Romain Jacquet-Lagreze is a French graphic artist with a Masters in multimedia and art from East Paris University. His interest in photography began during his period of working in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and subsequently blossomed into a passion after his arrival in Hong Kong.

Stunned by its architectural “race to the sky”, he felt the need to use his camera to share his feelings about the city. The geometry of the urban environment and the vivid lives it shelters are the aspects of Hong Kong that inspire him most.



Street art gallery Itinerrance, responsible of transforming Paris into an open air street art museum, is proud to announce the first solo show of the French urban art legend BOM.K entitled ‘Vertiges & Somnolence‘. (April 24th)

“Vertiges & Somnolence (Dizziness and Drowsiness) is a warning to the public as most of my paintings are done without the intention of pleasing. This is a way for me to focus on the instant of an idea, paint it, and let it provoke reactions, rejections and interrogations.” Bom.k