Erik Olson

Erik Olson — artist based in Canada. Quote from Erik’s interview for “thefoxisblack”:

I’m a painter. Everything I do is in some way related to slopping colored pigment around with a brush. There’s quite a range in my work but in one way or another, I think of the paintings as being about portraiture, about constructing identity. Although there isn’t a clear narrative in each painting, I pull everything from my life, so in a real sense there is an autobiographical element running through the paintings.

James Rawson

James Rawson (b. January 2nd, 1989) resides in Norfolk, England and is a postmodern pop artist. Predominantly working in the medium of collage and painting, Rawson found no inspiration in the beautiful Norfolk landscape he grew up in; instead, the landscape of pop culture fed his artistic drive.

Egene Koo

Red birds and cats by Egene Koo — illustrator based in Korea.

Jieun Park

Jieun Park — lady artist from Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Eric Wert

Extremely detailed, hyper-realistic stills by Eric Wert — artist from Portland, Oregon (web)