Kim Cogan

Cityscapes by San Francisco based award-winning artist Kim Cogan, who has exhibited paintings to great acclaim nationwide. His work has appeared in ARTnews Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, American Arts Quarterly, Harper’s Magazine, Playboy and American Art Collector Magazine.

Nicholas Bohac

“My paintings explore space & time, adventure, introspection, repeating patterns & the big picture. Through juxtaposing the abstract and surreal with the human condition, I hope to inspire a sense of wonder. Through my work, I aim to explore the overall phenomenon of what it means to be human, past, present & future. The recurrent theme remains: Everything comes from nothing, and nothing comes from everything.” — Nicholas Bohac (born 1981), a painter & printmaker based in San Francisco, CA.

Kii Arens

Outstanding posters for musicians (mostly bands) by Kii Arens (born May 7, 1967) — Los Angeles based contemporary graphic designer, pop-artist, and director. He is the owner of La-La Land Gallery.