Boris Pelcer

“Boris Pelcer (b. 1985, Sarajevo, Bosnia) is an independent artist & illustrator based out of Milwaukee, WI, USA. Time spent in his studio is divided between working on his personal projects & commercial commissions. Both his personal & commercial work is inspired by the sublime & the enigmatic facets of the human psyche & the human condition. However, it is mainly through his personal work that he thoroughly explores such ideas. His commercial work includes various projects he has worked on for clients such as: The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek, Priest + Grace, Bloomberg, Texas Monthly.” via Pelcer’s homapage.

Nick Walker

“In 1992 I began to combine stencils with my freehand work, which allowed me to juxtapose almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles. Stencils introduce an impact element to my work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow me to take an image from anywhere – dissect any part of life – and recreate it on any surface.

I try to add an element of humour or irony to some paintings to add a little light relief to the walls. Painting is a form of escapism for me and if my work allows the spectator to do the same thing, then I’ve achieved more than I set out to do.” via Nick’s homapage.

Aesthetics group

“Aesthetics group is a post-graffiti duet from Moscow suburbs which was founded in 2004 and since that time the staff and conceptions have been constantly modified. Nowadays Aesthetics consists of Petro(Petr Gerasimenko) and Slak(Blinov Ilya) and in esthetic and ideological plans the group has passed the way from classical graffiti to mixt of abstract geometric graphics and graffiti(also post-graffiti). As a rule, the works combine the esthetic goals and present the concentration of the visual experience of artists and inner searching which tell about constant desire to broaden knowledge in all aspects.
Members of Aesthetics group have the experience of many years and are constant participants in different group exhibitions and mural-art festivals and have strong positions inside graffiti/post-graffiti.
The main criterion of duet development is the unique style and author approach in any display of their work: either made in the street, in gallery or as commercial projects. Having strong style Petro and Slak practice its development actively in such spheres as street art, mural art, work on canvases, digital illustrations, graphics, collages etc.” via Aesthetics group homepage