Vector Decorative fonts: Cinderella, Renaissance, Federal

People have often went to our website from google search result “vector decorative fonts”, but they could not find anything like that here. Till today! This post is for you, we were browsing though our old archives and found these marvelous fonts: Cinderella, Renaissance and Federal Decorative. They are free, all vector EPS files and you can finally download them!

1. Cinderella Decorative Vector Font

This beautifully embellished typeface is reminiscent of the illuminated calligraphy of the Middle Ages. Each character could be the first in an antique book of fairytales. Colored + black and white, EPS.

2. Renaissance Decorative Vector Font

Like Cinderella Decorative, this ornamental typeface owes much to illuminated calligraphy. Its detailed characters are interspersed with wildlife and angelic figures. Colored + black and white, EPS.

3. Federal Decorative Vector Font

Beautiful vector decorative font with 2 color palettes + black and white version. EPS.