Antoni Tudisco

My name is Antoni Tudisco and was born and raised in Germany by my Filipina mother and my Italian father. I’m a fan of extraordinary things ever since I was a child. I had my own world as a kid. I started to sketch during lessons when I was attending elementary school, [and] I didnt really listen to the teacher i just drew and skribbled. I guess that characteristic of mine developed into being creative and original today.

“The first time I heared about the Adobe Softwares, I left no stone unturned and learned every command all by myself. Since then, Adobe and me were like best friends. We were inseparable. Then I tried taking another step [up] and tried doing 3D designs and videos. It was hard at first because i had to understand and do everything all alone, but because of hard work and enthusiasm, it turned out to be a success… I developed my own website where I present my work. After that, i got the attention of other artists, agents and agencies. After recieving my diploma at the age of 18, I got loads of projects and requests from some major clients such as MTV, BMW, MINI, Wella, KLM and many more.” via Antoni’s homepage.

Conor Nolan

“Conor Nolan is an illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. From editorial illustrations for Vice Magazine, comic covers for Dark Horse Comics and Boom! Studio, and promotional material for MTV he has covered a varied range of clients and projects. Nolan’s work can be seen on posters, apparel, comics, magazines, newspapers, beer labels, and record covers.” via Conor Nolan’s homepage