Famous Chunkies by Alex Solis

“Famous Chunkies” illustration series by an Chicago, IL based artist Alex Solis.

“While watching a Ninja Turtles cartoon with my daughter, we kept making fun of them and asking how they are so fast and in shape when their diet consists mainly of pizza. I felt like it was sending the wrong message to kids, and I noticed a lot of others cartoons did the same thing. At first I started the project with the intention of just creating that one illustration, but it was too much fun to stop there! It’s a good way to raise awareness about unhealthy eating, especially with young kids. It catches their attention quickly.” — Alex Solis

James Blagden

Psychedelic styled illustrations by an Brooklyn-based artist James Blagden
+ bonus, short animated film “Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No” drawn by James under cut Continue reading