Morgan Blair

Morgan Blair is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY

American __tier series by Shawn Huckins

Shawn Huckins — American artist based in Denver, Colorado
“The American __tier series explores 19th century American painting and photography in context of 21st century lexicons – Facebook status updates, tweets, texting acronyms – that permeate today’s popular culture. The process is a methodical replication of the original work, each painted by hand followed by the superimposition of large white letters, also painted, of social media jargon.” — Shawn Huckins

Egene Koo

Red birds and cats by Egene Koo — illustrator based in Korea.

Jieun Park

Jieun Park — lady artist from Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Diego Gravinese

Diego Gravinese — artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina (web)