Video: Microscopic Booze Can Be Art Too

Michael Davidson takes pictures of teeny, tiny living and non-living cells through a high-powered microscope.

Davidson is also the discoverer and curator of the “Silicon Zoo,” a collection of infinitesimal drawings etched directly into the circuitry of mass-manufactured microprocessors by their designers, and running the gamut in shape and style from a 2mm-long Crayola crayon to a Waldo one-third the width of a human hair. It’s like tiny graffiti for nerds (regular nerds, not graffiti nerds).

Linda Cote

“From a very young age I have been interested in printmaking, although I didn’t always know that’s what it was called. The first time I picked up a book illustrated by British artist John Tenniel, I was hooked. Maybe you know it? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a magical book, not only for the story, but for those wonderful wood engraving illustrations.

While my art journey has been long and winding – exploring many mediums including drawing, painting, watercolor, collage and wood carving – when I picked up my carving tools and applied them to carving my first relief print, I somehow knew I was home.

Although printmaking is a broad field – from etching, wood engraving, monoprinting, and more – my art practice primarily uses relief printmaking. It’s a process that still seems magical to me. ” via Linda’s homepage.